M 50-2 H Manitou

LengthWidthHeightWeightEnginePowerLifting Capacity
12' 4" 6' 9" 9' 5" 17,424 lbs Perkins 75 HP 11,000 lbs

Equipment Description:

The M 50-2 H forklift truck is designed to easily handle complicated ground conditions. Simple and robust, it's at home on any type of terrain, with a generous ground clearance for safety of movement. Shock absorbent technology means the load remains stable regardless of the terrain being traversed, whilst the hydro-static transmission offers flexibility and economy of movement when maneuvering. The driver's cab features transparent glazed screens combined with a rounded counterweight for excellent visibility, and is suspended so vibrations aren't felt as strongly. To simplify maintenance, the whole of machine parts can be found under the bonnet.