Omega All Terrain Forklifts

Omega Lift All Terrain Forklifts are symbols of dependability and strength. They were developed with the intent to achieve superiority, breaking industry standards with every move. Unlike any other, the innovative designs of the Omega Lift All Terrain Series are made up of sophisticated hydraulics and electrical systems. They are developed with leading-edge technology, allowing them to work in environments where toughness and dependability are just as important as lift capacity.

The combined concept of strength and simplicity lies behind the Omega Lift All Terrain Forklift Series. Distinct benefits and features put the Omega Lift aside from the rest. Experience in heavy-equipment industry has allowed these machines to include the benefit of low maintenance along with a range of distinctive features.

With lifting capacities ranging from 6,000 lbs to 70,000 lbs there is no application too large or tough for Omega Lift trucks!