Make The Right Call

January 28th, 2019 - Choose Toyota and get 4 months free!

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In today's business environment it is crucial that your organization makes the right call in your equipment, systems and service solution decisions. It is also very important that your operations be able to meet the demands of a changing market by implementing and sustaining a lean culture built on a foundation of continuous improvement with strong core values centered around people.

So, how do we begin to make the right call? Let's focus on a few ways that you can get started today!

1. Get the facts.

Gather the necessary information that impacts your business. You do not want to miss critical information that could impact how you run your organization. Bring team members into this process to eliminate biases or opinions others may have.‚Äč

2. What are the results?

What do you and your team want and have you considered the possible outcomes? Your material handling equipment purchasing decisions need to focus on the short and long term impacts to your bottom line performance. Looking for ways on improving how your company does business will go a long way in accomplishing your business goals and mission statements

3. Ask around.

Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta has many valued relationships with businesses in virtually all industries throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia and we would love to connect you with several contacts to get their opinions. It is important to consider other viewpoints other than your own. Additionally, get advice from your friends and business peers. Local business support groups are a great way to network with other professionals in the field and glean valuable information regarding your specific industry.

4. Relax.

Don't try to do everything all at once. Focus on the vital few and accomplish objectives consistently in a sustainable way.

"You do it ONE day at a time. You do it ONE player at a time and you do it ONE coach at a time." - Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles (in response to bringing a win to a city that hasn't won in quite some time)

"Many good American companies have respect for individuals, and practice Kaizen and other TPS {Toyota Production System} tools. But what is important is having all of the elements together as a system. It must be practiced every day in a very consistent manner–not in spurts–in a concrete way on the shop floor." - Fujio Cho, President, Toyota Motor Corporation

Luckily, a partnership with Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta brings all of this and more to the table as we strategize with your team on ways that we can increase your safety, efficiency and productivity all while driving down your total cost and sustaining these important performance metrics within your organization. Our Account Management group will take you through what we call our 6S Solutions Process, which is an outlined way that we systematically gather all of the information needed to correctly pair your operations with the exact solution that will immediately impact your teams performance today in a dramatic, impactful and sustainable way. We guarantee to do this not only at the date of implementation, but throughout the partnership and well into the future.

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Don't make the wrong call. Focus on your objectives and desired results. Make the right call by discussing a partnership with Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta today!

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Toyota Invests in Your Success

4 months of payment-free material handling means increased revenue to invest in your business. What could you do with 4 months extra cash?

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Flexible Financing Options

Toyota Industries Commercial Finance makes it easy and affordable to get the right equipment for the job. Toyota’s finance company offers a variety of loan and lease products and programs to help get you the equipment you need at an exceptional value. Whether you need an internal combustion forklift, an electric forklift or a narrow aisle solution for your warehouse, Toyota forklifts of Atlanta financial experts and Toyota Commercial Finance can help. Let us develop a program for you, so you can focus on your operations – not on financing! For information on our various financing plans, call us today!