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February 28th, 2019 - Don't sleep on Toyota's electric game. Here is what you might be missing by sticking with gas.

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60% of the forklift market is now electric powered. There is a good chance you have already made the switch from gas to electric. If you’re still using gas, there are a lot of benefits you might be missing out on.

Technological advances allow electric forklifts to operate with a performance level and run time comparable to internal combustion models. Electric forklifts are available in a wide range of lift capacities up to 40,000 pounds. Unlike gas powered forklifts, electric forklifts are available in narrow aisle models that can navigate in tight spaces. As technology improves, it is possible to switch go electric without sacrificing productivity and efficiency.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you transition your fleet from gas to electric.

Environmental Impact

Organizations are making their sustainability initiatives a top priority. Your material handling equipment can be considered low hanging fruit. By switching to electric powered forklifts, you can eliminate exhaust emissions from your fleet and considerably decrease your carbon footprint.


Switching to an electric fleet means making a huge upgrade regarding operator safety and comfort. While many realize the negative effect exhaust has on the environment, many fail to consider the negative effect it has in your warehouse. Reducing the exhaust emissions that your employees breathe in makes your warehouse a healthier environment for your employees.

Another factor affecting the safety and comfort of your employees is the noise caused by gas powered forklifts. Multiple gas-powered forklifts running in a warehouse can be very noisy. This can make hearing important sounds such as horns and alarms difficult. The noise and vibration of gas-powered forklifts can also contribute to operator fatigue. Electric forklifts operate silently except for the horn. For many warehouses, this means clearer communication and more attentive workers.

Cost & Efficiency

While you’ll need to make a higher initial investment for an electric fleet, you’ll save big over time on fuel and maintenance cost. Your highest initial investment when switching to an electric fleet will be for batteries and chargers. In return, you’ll benefit from a significantly lower long-term fuel cost. You can also expect reduced downtime, and longer maintenance intervals when you switch to an electric fleet.

The future of material handling technology is increasingly moving towards electric powered forklifts. While transitioning to an electric powered fleet is a big decision, the long list of benefits to be gained may make it worth it for your business. If you want to decrease cost while increasing safety and efficiency, consider electric forklift options from Toyota. An electric fleet may be right for you!

Warehouse Utilization

We mentioned earlier that there are electric forklifts designed to navigate through narrow aisles. When you switch to a narrow aisle electric forklift you give yourself the opportunity to reconfigure your warehouse to better utilize the space you have. You could install more racking, reconfigure your picks and flows, or add any other warehouse features to improve your organization.

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Written By: Natalie Gambrell - Marketing Assistant & Customer Satisfaction Coordinator