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The Leader in Sustainability

Since its foundation in 1995, BYD’s mission is to change the world by creating a complete, clean-energy ecosystem that reduces the world’s reliance on petroleum. BYD’s innovative products are leaders in multiple sectors, including battery-electric automobiles, buses, medium- and heavy-duty trucks and forklifts; the SkyRail monorail system; solar power generation and energy storage systems; and consumer electronics.

BYD has been the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer for the past three years running, in both consumer and commercial/industrial electric vehicles. Last year BYD sold more than 113,000 plug-in electric vehicles worldwide and currently has nearly 40,000 electric buses in service around the world. BYD employs over 20,000 engineers globally, constantly innovating in order to make the world a better place.

At the heart of BYD’s technology is its batteries. One of the largest rechargeable battery manufacturers in the world, BYD develops batteries for a broad range of applications—from cell phones and laptops to large-scale, grid-connected energy storage systems. BYD’s non-toxic Iron-Phosphate battery chemistry makes it the safest choice available on the market today.

The Future of Material Handling

Now, they are here to revolutionize material handling. BYD forklifts offer the longest run times with little to no maintenance required. These forklifts are perfect for high usage, multi-shift operations. With BYD’s revolutionary charging technology you can get seven hours of run time from one hour of charging. Pair BYD’s run time with their strong 10 year warranty and you have a truck ready to work all day, every day.

At Toyota Material Handling Systems, our goal is to provide you modern solutions that will positively and significantly impact your safety, efficiency, productivity, sustainability, and total material handling spend. BYD is the latest solution we are excited to bring on our journey to help our partners maximize their operations performance.

Lithium-Ion batteries from BYD are not drop in solutions. Their forklifts are built around the battery. Stress free maintenance, strong frame, and a sleek look make BYD forklifts stand out above the rest.

Opportunity charging allows you to charge your forklift intermittently throughout the day. With traditional lead acid batteries you must run the battery all the way down and perform a full battery charge. This typically takes eight hours. With BYD’s revolutionary charging technology, you can get seven hours of run time from a one hour charge in a lithium-ion battery.