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Let’s face it – none of us enjoy filling out surveys. They take up valuable time and we often don’t even feel that our voice is being heard. Many people regard surveys as a waste of time and effort. But, Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta relies on our customers to offer us genuine feedback throughout the year. In a business partnership, communication is key.

By letting us know how we are doing, you allow us the opportunity to:

  • Thank you for your loyalty.
  • Listen to ideas that can enhance your experience
  • Help make changes within our organization to better meet your needs
  • Install new policies and procedures so that we can offer better service
  • Correct issues

Delivering excellent customer service is a two-way street. As a customer, you should never be hesitant to evaluate the product and level of service you receive. If we don’t know your thoughts, we can’t take measures to continuously improve our product and service.

Zappos founder Tony Hsieh once said, “customer service shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company.” When you let us know about an issue you have with your product or service, it doesn’t just stay in the customer service department. We make sure to voice your concerns to the correct department, so that they can make changes that will improve your experience moving forward.

Customer surveys are used by Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta and many other companies to measure customer satisfaction. They are the most effective way for us to learn more about our strengths and shortcomings. Your feedback about our products and services through surveys is greatly appreciated because it assists us in making improvements to your experience with Toyota forklift equipment and our organization.

In short, we are extremely grateful for your feedback because it helps us to improve. (In fact, we’re so grateful for it, we’ll often send you a small gift for completing our survey!) So next time you scroll past an emailed survey, stop and remember how important your opinion truly is. Have a voice and make a difference!


Written By: Natalie Gambrell – Marketing Assistant and Customer Satisfaction Coordinator


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