Cascade Attachments


Cascade Ravas' unique and innovative mobile weighing solutions let you weigh your product as you move it. The wireless display uses Bluetooth technology enabling you to view and track the weight of individual loads, total weight of multiple loads and number of individual units within a load. Common uses for mobile weighing are; incoming goods control, overload prevention, dosing, filling, waste management, order picking and inventory control.

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Layer Picker

Beverage warehouses and distribution facilities can benefit from the speed and versatility the Layer Picker offers. When building mixed-load pallets, the Cascade Layer Picker handles single layers or multiple layers of both canned & bottled product. Replace costly manual labor with the versatile Cascade Layer Picker.

One forklift operator can fill orders at an average speed of 1250 cases an hour compared to 250 cases an hour manually.The Layer Picker streamlines the picking process and increases the speed of pallet production without adding labor. By decreasing the number of people needed to do the work and reducing the physical labor involved, the layer picker is a cost-effective way to handle single or multiple layers of a variety of products. And because you are clamping from all 4 sides, loads are more secure then when using a standard clamp so it minimizes loss.

Multiple Load Handler

Designed for the bottling, brewing, production or warehouse/shipping industries, Cascade's new G series Single-Double Pallet Handler is a new and superior product built to help you perform in real working conditions and meet the demanding applications throughout the material handling industry. You can handle a single pallet, or spread the forks hydraulically to lift, carry and sideshift multiple pallets side by side.

Touch Force Control

TFC is a pressure and force control system with a touch screen interface that allows drivers to easily select the product being handled which then automatically applies the appropriate clamp force. The system is targeted towards operations using Cascade Carton Clamps to handle loads with different packaging types, box integrity, load size or weight. TFC is also suitable with Cascade Paper Roll Clamps, Cascade Layer Pickers or any application where regulating clamp force is required.