Forklift Batteries & Charging Systems

Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta represents the leading brands in forklift batteries and forklift changing stations, enabling customers to have a choice when it comes to powering their material handling equipment. We can provide you with a variety of:

  • Forklift Battery Changing Stations
  • Planned Maintenance, Reconditioning and Recycling
  • Watering Systems

Our team and partners can help you to determine the most optimal forklift power solution for your application. Our representatives can provide a complete return on investment analysis as you convert from Gas to Electric, traditional charge to fast charge or a combined solution.

Industrial Battery & Charger Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance is vital to the continued reliability and longevity of your electric forklift systems. A diligently executed maintenance program will reveal potential problems before they result in unexpected downtime.

Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta offers the following battery and charger services and resources:

  • On-site battery and charger routine maintenance and inspections for all brands
  • On-site repair service for all brands
  • On-site battery and charger care training
  • Battery and charger reconditioning service
  • Battery washing

Taking Care of Your Battery

  • Add water as needed - do not overfill.
  • Always keep electrolyte level above separator protectors.
  • Keep vent caps tightly in place.
  • Charge battery on properly matched charger.
  • Allow battery to cool down before placing it back into service.
  • Keep battery top clean, dry and free of foreign objects.
  • Keep battery and truck cover open during charging.
  • Batteries produce explosive gases. Keep flame and sparks away from battery.
  • Good battery care is not a luxury, it's a necessity!