Safety Accessories

Liquid Propane (LP) PPE Kit $59.00 each
1 Pair Of Safety Gloves
Safety Glasses
Leak Detector
Easy-to-follow Instructions

safety accesory

Battery PPE Kit $99.99 each
1 Pair of Neoprene Safety Gloves
1 Pair of Safety Goggles
1 Face Shield
1 Apron
1 Flashlight
1 Hydrometer

safety accessory

Checklift Caddy (Preoperational Inspection List and Protective Caddy) $25.00 each
1 Caddy (4 1/2 x 7 polyethylene Envelope with two way tape for easy instalation)
1 Inspection Pad with 75 carbon copy sheets avaliable for all types of lifts
1 Pen With Attached Plastic Wire

safety accessory

Multi-Use Lock Out Tag Out Box $39.99 each

Prevent use of unsafe equipment

safety accessory

Safe-Lite Pedestrian Warning Spotlight

The Safe-Lite alerts pedestrians of forklifts approaching blind corners or forklifts entering and exiting trailers. The Blue LED light projects an intense spotlight 10 to 20 feet ahead of the forklift to alert the pedestrian of nearby traffic. The Safe-Lite can be installed on the front or back of any forklift, sweeper or any other piece of industrial equipment. Also available in red.


*Ask us about the magnetic mounting base for easy install.

blue light

Ergo Back-up Handle

Reduce back strain with the Ergo Back-up Handle. Operators who are required to travel frequently in reverse often grab the overhead guard. This is dangerous practice and has resulted in serious injuries.

Back-Up Handle $45.99

Back-Up Handle w/Horn Button $59.99

Back-Up Handle w/Built-In Horn Unit $139.00

back up handler

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"Watch Out for Pedestrians"

"Forklifts are in Operation Here"

"Only Trained Operators May Drive Forklifts"