Train the Trainer Program

This training program teaches a company's dedicated trainer everything needed in order to be OSHA compliant and train their employees to become forklift operators. Topics covered include OSHA standards, safety procedures, and presentation techniques.

We offer two types of trainer packages:

The Ultimate Train-The Trainer Package

A two day session for up to 2 employees (Second employee at NO additional charge!)

  • 2 DVDs (with four video segments)
  • 1 Instructor Guide
  • 10 Manuals, Exams, Cards and Certificates
  • 1 Model Forklift
  • 1 Stability Triangle Teaching Aid
  • All this conveniently packaged in an aluminum case for transport and storage!
  • Price $1499.00 (Scottdale Location Only)

The Basic Train-The -Trainer Package

  • 1 DVD
  • 1 Instructor Guide
  • 1 Operator Manual and Exam
  • Price $899.00 (Scottdale Location Only)
  • Addtional Attendees $250.00