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The Toyota 360 Promise

Toyota 360 Support is our promise to be your full support forklift supplier from the moment we first begin a conversation and throughout the entire life of your ownership. With Toyota 360 Support, you’ll get the Toyota advantage of Toyota’s Certified Technicians, Toyota Genuine Parts, Toyota standard and Extra Care Warranty programs, Optional T-Matics Support, and the Toyota Mobile Service app. Join the Toyota family and see success come full circle!

The Toyota 360 Support program promises that Toyota will be a dedicated partner to your business and a forklift service provider that you can count on around the clock. Our full forklift service program with Toyota 360 Support lays out a wide range of benefits from our Extra Care Warranties to our Toyota Genuine Parts, all driven by our master Toyota Certified Technicians.

Toyota forklifts have improved the efficiency and productivity of tens of thousands of businesses across North America since 1967… And have been recognized as the world’s best-selling forklifts since 2002. But our popularity wasn’t won with a beauty contest. We became the best by building the best, ranking #1 globally in:

• Safety
• Service
• Value
• Cost of Ownership
• Quality
• Reliability
• Uptime
• Durability
• Customer Satisfaction

We put more into our forklifts so you get more out of them. More advancements. More performance. And more hours doing the work you want them to. Dollar for dollar, feature for feature, no one gives you as much for your money as Toyota. We want to make sure your Toyota keeps running like… well, a Toyota. That’s why we created 360 Support, the most comprehensive support promise in the industry. It’s designed to save you money, save you downtime, and save you headaches. Toyota 360 Support provides full-circle support for your forklift fleet, bringing measurable benefits through our:

• Dealer Network
• Service
• Toyota Genuine Parts
• Safety
• Cost of Ownership
• Operations

When you choose Toyota, we have more than your back – we’ve got your front, sides, and everything from top to bottom. The material-handling industry is constantly changing. How will you stay ahead of the curve? With Toyota 360 Support. We’ll connect your company with Toyota Advanced Logistics. You’ll gain proprietary insights and exclusive access to our most advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, including picking systems and automatic guided vehicles.

No matter where your forklifts are on the job, chances are a Toyota Dealer is close by. The industry’s best and most comprehensive dealer network boasts:

• 66 dealers across North America
• Over 225 locations
• More than 3,500 technicians on call
• More than 2,600 service vans on the road

In addition to minimizing your downtime, Toyota specialists can help assess your warehouse and facility needs to recommend the right equipment for the job. And with the largest inventory of used and rental forklifts ready to hit your floor, Toyota 360 Support keeps your business running at full speed.

Need further peace of mind to ensure that emergencies and costs of repairs are reduced? By upgrading to Toyota 360 Support Plus you get a year of planned maintenance included and an extended product assurance guarantee.