Making Automation Simple

OTTO Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) automate common material handling tasks, big and small, to help manufacturers tackle labor shortages, scale their business, and outperform the competition.

Making 24x7 Production Possible

Ever thought about what it would be like to walk into your warehouse in the morning and see your product already staged for loading? Maybe you have an operator that spends the first two hours of the day lane clearing or staging for morning shipments. By implementing an OTTO AMR you essentially add a third shift employee. You can create workflows to have those lanes staged before your lights even turn on for the first shift of the morning.

Intuitive Fleet Manager

Manage your entire fleet of AMR’s and build a working team of robots all from Fleet Manager. Prioritize jobs, map routes for traffic control, and track fleet performance to keep your fleet moving safely and efficiently through your facility.

OTTO ROI Calculator

OTTO’s comprehensive ROI calculator presents you the numbers that you are looking for during your automation journey.