Fleet Management

We partner with leading technology providers to roll out our dashboards and provide portal logins based on customer, application and personnel needs. Our Fleet Analyst team is focused on mining data and looking for opportunities to save you money. All equipment has an economic replacement point that is best for the application and the company it works for. Toyota Material Handling Systems Fleet will dial in this replacement schedule and load the necessary information in the system to flag these units when it is time to replace. We call this list our “Watch List”, which automatically updates the system and is flagged for review.

Dashboard reporting: Pick the reports that are most meaningful to you for automatic distribution. TMHS Fleet can provide as many reports as needed to be distributed to the your management on the schedule that is best for them.

PMs Due, Contract Expirations, Expense History, Asset Listings, Cost Per Operating Hour, Utilization and Watch List

Ensuring safety is always #1 is critical to be reinforced on a daily basis; however, maintaining accuracy and process is a daunting task. With Telemetry from TMHS, we enable our customers to take control of their material handling equipment and ensure that only trained operators are able to access equipment and that pre-trip inspections are never missed. What would you do with the extra time saved by no longer managing and storing paper checklists?

Total Cost
“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” – Peter Drucker. Collecting data from your material handling equipment will allow for immediate recognition of process improvements put in place. Savings from utilizing a telemetry system from Toyota Material Handling Systems will reduce your bottom line. If you could be 2% more efficient, what would that mean to your business and bottom line performance?

Ergonomics / Emissions
Reducing idle time of internal combustion vehicles is not only a fuel saver, but keeps your facility safer and cleaner. Properly charging batteries increases the uptime of the vehicle, and allows for more work to be completed per charge. How much do you spend on fuel to run your fleet? How do you enforce proper charging techniques to extend the life of your batteries and usable hours of your equipment?

What other technologies are you using to be more efficient? What is your Key Performance Indicator(s) of a job well done? Telemetry will help to quantify the work (labor and equipment) needed to conduct your business. Using historic data collected will offer insight into planning any increase or decrease of scheduled yield of your facility. Identifying the safest, most productive operators will allow for positive reinforcement of company standards and create a culture of competition to be recognized as a top performer.

Telemetry will streamline your issue reporting process. All starting with the pre-trip checklist, any issues noted can notify your management of vehicles in need of attention or needing repair. Automating this process to include your Toyota Material Handling Systems service coordinator will reduce the time from initial reporting to first time service repair completion, maximizing the up time of your fleet.

“Data is just that, data. At TMHS Fleet we don’t “manage data”, we manage assets (people and equipment) by providing insight into their operations. We are committed to our customers short- and long-term goals, by helping them to not only collect this data but understand what it means their bottom line. With or without a telemetry solution, Toyota Material Handling Systems Fleet is your long-term partner in process improvement.” – Zachary Smith, Corporate Sales & Marketing Manager

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