Princeton Forklifts

Home of the Piggyback

Princeton Delivery Systems is the leading North American manufacturer of truck mounted forklift products. Princeton designs, manufactures and sells the PiggyBack® brand forklifts through a nationwide network of premier material handling equipment distributors.

Princeton Manufacturing started production of sod harvesting equipment in 1972 near Columbus, Ohio and initially focused on the turf industry. In 1979 Princeton developed the first PiggyBack® and quickly found practical applications for it in building materials, agriculture, roofing, lumber and other industrial markets.

Today, with lifting capacities from 3,300 to 8,000 lbs., Princeton offers the industry’s broadest range of three-wheel drive smooth and rough terrain products. PiggyBacks® have unique options such as “Double-Reach” masts for one-sided vehicle unloading and “4-way” movement that can transport long loads like engineered lumber through narrow job site areas. Princeton’s patented Easy Hitch Hook Mounting System makes truck or trailer mounting easy, fast, and flexible.

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