Counter-Balanced Stacker

Toyota’s Counter-Balanced Electric Pallet Stacker is a nimble, highly-versatile lift that complements nearly any primarily indoor application. Balanced similar to a traditional forklift and without baselegs, the Counter-Balanced Electric Stacker can fit into tight spaces. Extraordinarily durable and budget-friendly, the Toyota Counter-Balanced Stacker can help increase both your uptime and your bottom line.

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Special Features


  • 2,000-4,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • 24-Volt Motor
  • Up to 180 in. Lift Height



Heavy Duty Stacking

This lift is capable of lifting wide loads while operating seamlessly in aisles that are too narrow for traditional sit-down forklifts. Warehouse navigation is now simplified. With a 24-Volt Electrical System, MOSFET programmable controller, and 30-inch wide ITA Class II Hook-Type Carriage, the Counter-Balanced Stacker can be an asset to your company for years to come.

Quality, Durability & Value

Toyota’s Counter-Balanced Stacker is only 34.1 inches wide but can lift up to 180 inches and can store and stack loads weighing up to 4,000 pounds. This product comes with easy-to-operate controls that are ergonomically multifunction control handle to ensure the operator is comfortable and productive shift after shift. This lift also has a no-tools-required floorboard and a punched plate entry and exit step.

Key Safety Features

Safety features on the Counter-Balanced Stacker include a high-visibility mast that allows the operator to clearly see fork tips and a wider work area. This forklift also includes an emergency power disconnect switch that protects both the operator and the cargo being handled by instantly powering off the forklift in a time of need.


Toyota Counter-Balanced Stacker

Think of a load that is too wide for most stackers but needs to be stored in an aisle that’s too narrow for sit-down forklifts. That’s the Counter-Balanced Stacker’s sweet spot!

Counter-Balanced Stacker

Model Load Capacity (lbs.) Max Travel Speed Full Load (MPH) Max Lift Speed Full Load (FPM) Basic Right Angle Stack (in.) Max Lift Height (in.)
6BWC10 2,000 2.9 37 111 128
6BWC15 3,000 3 32 116 128
6BWC20 4,000 2.8 27 122 124

* Based on 24″ Load center ** Add load length and clearance