High-Capacity Cushion Forklift

The Toyota High-Capacity Cushion Forklift is a homerun when it comes to versatility in the warehouse or manufacturing facility. Need to lift large pallets full of heavy components? The High-Capacity Cushion has you covered with its ability to lift up to 22,000 lbs. you’ll have those pallets of metal moving in no time. Have a paper plant with larger than normal rolls? The High-Capacity Cushion can come with a roll clamp to make those operations a cinch.

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  • 18,000-22,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • 12-Volt Electrical System
  • Dana 3-Speed Power Shift Transmission

Lift More Indoors

The High-Capacity Cushion Forklift is designed to help solve your toughest indoor capacity challenges while maintaining high visibility and maneuverability. With its Dana Transmission featuring three forward and reverse speeds, a V6 engine, and an engine diagnostics and support system, it becomes an indoor workhorse built to last.


Built For Heavy Duty Tasks

Toyota’s High-Capacity Cushion Forklift comes with a 4.3L V6 LP Engine along with a Dana 12000 Transmission. This product comes with a drum-type braking system, heavy duty planetary drive axle, 48” hook-type forks, and independent brake and inching pedals. The High-Capacity Cushion Forklift also comes with mast-mounted LED headlights for increased brightness and visibility.

Key Safety Features

Safety features on the High-Capacity Cushion Forklift include an operator presence sensing system (OPSS), which is built under the seat of the forklift and detects the operator’s presence while in operation. This forklift also includes an operator restrain system and a neutral safety switch. Additionally, it is equipped with a load-sensing hydraulic system and a high visibility two-stage wide-view mast to deliver power and unobstructed views to get the job done.

Power at Your Fingertips

The strength comes with plenty of support. An engine management system protects your forklift and keeps delivering the same high-performance work you expect. The digital instrument display keeps you aware of the operating status. Standard hood-mounted hydraulic controls provide operators with convenient, comfortable controls of all functions. The high-visibility design helps keep operators aware of their surroundings while in operation.

High-Capacity Cushion Forklift

ModelLoad Capacity (lbs.)Max Travel Speed Full Load (MPH)Max Lift Speed Full Load (FPM)Max Gradeability Full Load (%)Basic Right Angle Stack (in.)

* Based on 24″ Load center ** Add load length and clearance

Load Capacity


Model Number

THDC1800-24, THDC1800-36, THDC2200-24, THDC2200B-24

Max Lift Speed Full Load


Max Travel Speed Full Load


Max Gradeability Full Load


Basic Right Angle Stack