ML2 Mini Load Autonomous Vehicle

The ML2 Mini Load Autonomous Vehicle (AV) offers an automated solution for a variety of tasks. The compact design and 360-degree field of view offers a solution for tight spaces without compromising productivity. A load capacity of 440 lbs. and a variety of payload attachments provide a customizable solution to best fit your production needs.

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The ML2 Mini Load Autonomous Vehicle is engineered for maximum uptime and functionality, accommodating a variety of load handling appliance options allowing it to engage loads in a multitude of ways.



  • 440 lb. Payload Capacity
  • 360-degree Field of View
  • Opportunity Charging

Trusted Automation that Delivers

Whether you’re running an assembly line or a fulfillment center, your success relies on predictable, on-time delivery of materials. When you consistently deliver the right product, in the right quantity, to the right location, you create a process that allows you to generate repeatable and dependable results with minimal disruption and downtime. The ML2 Mini Load AV is a trusted technology to maximize productivity.


Advanced Technology

The ML2 Mini Load AV is equipped with natural features navigation using LIDAR technology to navigate in its environment

and move along its programmed paths, which reduces infrastructure changes. The independent drive suspension maintains traction and stability across a variety of floor conditions. With a zero-turn radius and bidirectional travel, this autonomous vehicle maneuvers effortlessly in confined spaces.

Range of Applications

Possibilities are endless when it comes to the use of the ML2 Mini Load AV. It has a wide range of uses in warehouse applications as well as many others. Small lot delivery to lines, pick and place operations, end of line assembly conveyors, and many more.

Fleet Management Software

Bastian Solutions’ integrated AVs utilize a proprietary middleware solution to seamlessly connect vehicles from various manufacturers to customers’ enterprise systems. With this pre-packaged software stack, users can orchestrate complex, multi-fleet AV systems, improving interoperability, productivity and adaptability to future operational needs.


ModelLoad Capacity (lbs.)Max Travel Speed Full Load (MPH)Max Gradeability Full Load (%)Basic Right Angle Stack (in.)Battery Voltage (V)

* Based on 24″ Load center ** Add load length and clearance