OTTO 600

With the power to move loads up to 1,322 lb and the nimbleness to quickly maneuver in crowded environments, OTTO 600 unlocks critical new workflows to increase productivity.

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Move more, in tight spaces

OTTO 600 offers all of the productivity benefits of a heavy-class AMR without compromising on agility. Seamlessly move more material in high-traffic areas and tight spaces.

Durable build for demanding environments

With a rugged, all-metal body, OTTO 600 offers superior ability to withstand dust and fluids with IP54 construction.

Delivers high performance safety

OTTO 600 quickly and safely maneuvers around people and obstacles in the most dynamic environments. Steerable fields and efficient path planning enable OTTO 600 to maximize throughput without compromising on safety.

Quick to deploy, easy to scale

Designed for quick setup, OTTO 600 can start delivering materials in a matter of minutes. Seamlessly scale from a single AMR to a multi-robot deployment and integrate with industrial workflows using the industry’s most powerful fleet management software — OTTO Fleet Manager.