What type of lease is best for you?

What type of lease is best for you?

Maybe you read our article discussing the benefits of leasing your material handling equipment and decided to do just that. But wait, another plethora of choices! Now you need to decide what type of lease you would like to sign. With Toyota Commercial Finance, there are five types of leases. These brief descriptions may help in your decision:

Operating Lease:

If you want the lowest monthly lease payment possible for Toyota equipment in the marketplace, you’ll want to opt for an operating lease. You can also benefit from off-balance sheet financing and other tax advantages.

Capital Lease:

Considering owning a forklift in the future? Then a capital lease might be right for you. With a capital lease, you can own your equipment for a low purchase price at the end of your lease without having to deal with the responsibility of ownership during your lease term. Capital leases also are perfect for heavy duty use because they allow you to lease brand new Toyota equipment for use in severe applications.

Flex Lease:

The flex lease is perfect for companies who want keep the timeline of their lease open-ended. The lease is structured as two leases in one, so customers have the option to return equipment early or continue to lease the equipment at a dramatically lower monthly payment.

One Pay Lease:

Those who would prefer to pay cash instead of paying off interest will want to consider a one pay lease. Instead of a monthly payment, companies who opt for a one pay lease make one up-front payment at the beginning of the lease. Benefits include a discounted cash flow benefit, lower interest, and a lower administrative cost of processing monthly lease payments.

Retail Installment Balloon Loan:

If you’re considering both the operating lease and capital lease and want the best of both worlds, consider a retail installment balloon loan. You’ll put down a down payment and make low monthly payments just like an operating lease. At the end of the loan, you’ll have a variety of options including paying off the remaining loan amount, refinancing the loan, and paying off the rest of the loan amount.


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