Core Tow Tractor Automated Forklift

The intelligent Toyota Core Tow Tractor Automated Forklift combines cutting-edge automation technology with the reliability of Toyota’s dependable Tow Tractor, featuring up to 10,000 lbs. of towing capacity. By utilizing advanced sensors for mapped-object detection, this automated towing solution will help you lower operating costs and improve efficiency in repetitive material moving tasks.

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Features & Advantages

  • 10,000 lb. Towing Capacity
  • Regenerative Breaking
  • AC-Powered


Classic Performance Meets Advanced Tech

Toyota’s Automated Core Tow Tractor features an AC Drive System, AC Drive Motor, and regenerative braking. This tow tractor increases productivity and provides the ideal horizontal transport solution for transporting material and pulling carts through a facility. Each AGV is powered by LIDAR-based natural features navigation, which requires little to no additional infrastructure or complicated setup.

Advanced Mapping Technology

Toyota’s Automated Core Tow Tractor is powered by LIDAR-based natural features navigation and can operate with accuracy tolerance ranges within half an inch when positioning and delivering loads. The upshot for you? There’s no need to rearrange your facility infrastructure or undergo a complicated setup. Onboard software will create a map of the area in which the automated tractor will work and let the equipment get to work.

Remarkable Accuracy

Toyota’s Core Tow Tractor utilizes advanced sensors to detect obstacles and slow or stop the vehicle when an unmapped object is detected in its path. Cutting-edge geometry can even detect mapped structures behind objects, meaning an errant pallet or object won’t interrupt normal operation. Toyota’s automated forklifts offer an accuracy tolerance as narrow as 0.5” when positioning and maneuvering loads, allowing you to operate with confidence.



Model Load Capacity (lbs.) Max Travel Speed Full Load (MPH) Max Lift Speed Full Load (FPM) Max Gradeability Full Load (%) Basic Right Angle Stack (in.)
8TB50A 10,000 4 N/A N/A N/A


* Based on 24″ Load center ** Add load length and clearance