G Series 4-5t

LPG Forklift-Pneumatic

New generation of products with intelligent, safe, high efficient and energy saving and environmental friendly characteristics.

  • 8,000 – 10,000 lbs. base capacity
  • 2-stage and 3-stage mast
  • Heli or Cascade side shifters
  • LPG & Dual fuel option
  • Light package & mirrors
  • Oil Cooled Brake (optional)

More reliable

  • The truck is assembled with dual guide-wheel transmission box which offers large ratio (more than 5) and thus truck acceleration and gradeability are improved largely.
  • Donaldson air cleaner ensures enough clean air for engine and the total efficiency reaches to 99.8%.
  • Operation safety is largely improved with maintenance-free wet type drive axle and normally closed parking brake.
  • Smart instrument monitors truck status overally and thus the truck is safe and reliable.
  • Enlarged aluminum fin-type radiator improves cooling performance.

More energy saving

  • Variable pump with load sensing system makes the truck more energy saving. (optional)
  • Optimized design of hydraulic system effectively reduces truck fuel.
  • LED lights make truck more energy saving.

More comfortable

  • Synchronized steering of steering wheel and tires reduces operation fatigue.
  • With thumb switch, driving fatigue is reduced. (optional)
  • Switch type electronic parking brake is easy for operation.
  • Lowering of tilting cylinder enlarges leg space.
  • Suspension seat, backward handle with horn and wide view mast improve driving experience.
  • Buffering structure of drive axle improves driving comfort.
  • Optimized design of counter weight improves backward view.