Loaded Container Handler

Whatever needs to be loaded, unloaded, or stacked in ports, terminals, or rail yards, Toyota has the heavy-duty machine for the job. Our Empty Container Handlers and Loaded Container Handlers are engineered to provide fast lifting cycles, high stacking and reduced freight costs. They also offer a wide variety of attachments to fit your material handling needs, including 2-point side post, and 4-point top pick twistlock attachments as well as a 2-point side post hook attachment for double stacking of empty containers.

Our Reach Stackers can handle a diverse range of heavy-lift applications, from loading and unloading trailers to transporting wind turbine components. The THD9900-R90 also offers front stabilizers for second and third rail operations. Twistlock camera systems, trailer leg modules, and rear container guides are also available to handle your specific application’s needs.

And regardless of which Toyota Container Handler is right for your needs, you’ll get unmatched operator visibility and ergonomic features that provide more safety. More comfort. And more productivity.

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Q UICK LIFTING SPEED of 125 fpm, for maximum productivity

EXCEPTIONAL STABILITY thanks to a 182-inch width over the drive tires and a large 180-inch wheelbase — plus a 190% reserve capacity

EXCELLENT ALL-AROUND VISIBILITY at all load levels with an elevated cab position, angled glass overhead window/roof, and wide-view mast

UNIQUE MAST DESIGN provides improved durability and reduced torsional stress

INTUITIVE MULTIFUNCTION SINGLE JOYSTICK CONTROL for added versatility and simpler operation

NITROSTEEL® CYLINDER RODS provide better corrosion/wear resistance and improved lubrication retention than competitors’ chrome rods

OUTWARD-FACING INNER UPRIGHTS provide superior lateral mast strength

STANDARD SIDE-POST ATTACHMENT extends/retracts to handle 20- and 40-foot empty containers, and can quickly be adjusted to handle 48-foot and 53-foot high-cube containers

POWERFUL PERFORMANCE from a CUMMINS® 6.7 liter, 260 hp turbocharged diesel engine and Dana 32000 power shift transmission with 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds

12-PLATE MODULATION provides smooth shifting and protection against directional change stock loads, with constant mesh gears during shifting

ISO REAR FLOATING TWISTLOCKS provide safe, efficient container handling on trailers or uneven ground
MD4 7″ TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY puts ultimate customization, advanced diagnostics, and pertinent forklift information right at your fingertips

ELECTRONIC DECLUTCH SYSTEM improves efficiency by allowing the operator to disengage the transmission to operate hydraulics at high engine speeds