Masted Forklift Trucks

The M 40-2 forklift truck can handle even the roughest terrain. It was designed with the construction, timber and mining sectors in mind, where adaptability to challenging ground conditions is crucial. With a 36 cm ground clearance and a 75 hp engine, stability and maneuverability are ensured at all times, with a maximum load capacity of 4 tonnes.

The wide range of tyres available for this machine allows you to increase performance based on the specific needs of the site. Maintenance for this robust little machine is made easy for operators, with all key parts being kept under the bonnet for quick access for longer service life.

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Duplex Total Visibility
FVD 303.05 m2.425 m3.977 m0 m
FVD 333.35 m2.575 m4.277 m0 m
FVD 353.55 m2.675 m4.477 m0 m
FVD 373.75 m2.775 m4.677 m0 m
FVD 404.05 m2.925 m4.977 m0 m
FVD 454.55 m3.175 m5.477 m0 m
FVD 505.05 m3.425 m5.977 m0 m


Triplex Free Lift
FLT 373.75 m2.175 m4.667 m1.258 m
FLT 404.05 m2.275 m4.967 m1.258 m
FLT 434.35 m2.375 m5.267 m1.458 m
FLT 454.55 m2.45 m5.467 m1.533 m
FLT 474.75 m2.51 m5.667 m1.593 m
FLT 505.05 m2.625 m5.967 m1.708 m
FLT 555.55 m2.775 m6.467 m1.858 m
FLT 606.05 m2.95 m6.967 m2.033 m