Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta Changes Name to Toyota Material Handling Systems.


New Name. Same Mission.

Atlanta Forklifts Incorporated has embraced innovation and evolution since the day of its foundation 1973. Over the last 47 years, there has been an incredible amount of growth. What started as a business solely focused on servicing forklifts has evolved into North Georgia and Augusta’s premier partner in material handling solutions. In 1977, Atlanta Forklifts Incorporated became a dealer for the world renowned forklift manufacturer Toyota. This sparked what would become  four decades of a partnership that matched the growth of the great city of Atlanta.

So why the name change? We felt that The name “Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta” no longer represented the breadth of what we do. We will always be thankful for what got us to where we are today. But, it is time to begin a new era. The name Toyota Material Handling Systems shows who we truly are.

The reality is the material handling industry has transcended selling and servicing forklifts. We are in the era of data. Data drives key decision making processes that directly impact bottom line performance. Material handling spend is a critical aspect that can get out of control if it is not monitored effectively. Is automated picking a solution to improve order fulfillment? Can narrowing your aisles allow you to fit more product in your warehouse? Will switching to an all electric fleet save on energy costs? How can implementing 5s and Toyota Lean Management improve efficiency in the office? At TMHS, we want to dig deeper. We want to transform what is inside the four walls of your building into a system.

A system is defined as a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. Your racking, forklifts, conveyors, dock doors, employees, and everything involved with those things should be a ever improving system. Everything that touches your product until it leaves on a truck should be tailored to your needs. Our job is to get those pieces in place to keep you running. Not only that, it is also our job to put you in a position to adapt to changing business realities.

We don’t want to be your material handling dealer. We want to be your material handling partner. Evolution will continue and we welcome it! In the spirit of Kaizen, TMHS is continuously improving to better serve you.




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